Time's Circle

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Neal Kirkwood's first solo piano recording.

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Pianist Neal Kirkwood plays solo in an intimate concert setting, and explores with tactile sensitivity his original compositions and imaginitive interpretations of jazz standards.  Elements of free improvisation, stride piano and bebop are assembled, deconstructed and reassembled in a unique mode of jazz piano artistry. This is his first solo release, recorded live at Traver's Festival de Piano Solo in Brussels, Belgium, October 9, 1996.

"A stimulating intellectual journey into the possibilities of jazz piano."  
~ Michael Kramer, JazzIz

"A very impressive player indeed, with a phenomenal keyboard technique and a musical imagination to match."
~ Pat Hawes, Jazz Journal

"...distinguished by clarity of line and thought and Kirkwood's variety of approaches."  
~ Coda Magazine

"We have confidence in his sense of direction every step of the way."  
~ Jazz Times

1999, Present Eye Music

Recorded live at Travers, Festival de Piano Solo, Brussels, Belgium, October 9, 1996.


Track list

  1. Time's Circle
  2. A-Piece
  3. For Swallow
  4. My One And Only Love
  5. Anthropology / Rhythm-A-Ning
  6. Evesong
  7. Fish Feet
  8. Ballad #2