The Neal Kirkwood Octet

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The Neal Kirkwood Octet, recorded 1995, NYC

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The Neal Kirkwood Octet was formed in 1991, and has performed at Smalls, Visiones, the Cornelia Street Cafe, the Savoy Lounge and the Texaco Jazz Festival at the old Knitting Factory. They performed in Lisbon and the Guimaraes Jazz Festival in 2000. Their self-titled CD was released in 1996.

"Music that is adventurous, elegant and passionate."
~ Cadence, April, 1998

"A high-octane octet."
~ Gary Giddins, Village Voice February 1999

"A damn fine little big band."
~ TimeOut NY, January 1999



Track list

  1. Baghdad By The Bay
  2. Portrait Of Pony Poindexter
  3. Portrait Of Sidney Bechet
  4. The Dog Who Smokes
  5. Passion Flower
  6. Bye Ya
  7. Ghost Shadows
  8. The Dream
  9. Gemarek's Tango
  10. Chopin's Waterloo