The Chromatic Persuaders

Website for composer/pianist Neal Kirkwood

The Chromatic Persuaders is a quartet with Neal Kirkwood, piano; Mark Feldman, violin, Lindsey Horner, bass and Tom Rainey, drums. They toured and recorded two CDs in the late 1990's.

The Chromatic Persuaders (self-titled) is the quartet's first album. It features Kirkwood's compositions, along with pieces by Lindsey Honer and Scott LaFaro. The four musicians' collective understanding and empathy allows the music to spring naturally from its compositional sources.

"On every title the melodic strength of the original is nurtured rather than confronted, and repeated playing convinces that Kirkwood for the individual voices he had in hand."
~ Barry Mcrae, Jazz Journal

"Mission accomplie: ces "persuadeurs chromatique" persuadent."
~ Bernard Legros

Recorded At – Rockland Studios, New York.

Konnex Records, Germany, 1994.


Track list

  1. Arthur's Seat
  2. The Chromatic Persuaders
  3. Drums Of Heaven
  4. Nova
  5. Evesong
  6. Gloria's Step
  7. Monolithic Attitude
  8. Providence
  9. Low Life