Blue Inventions

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Blue Inventions is the latest release by jazz pianist and composer Neal Kirkwood. All of the music on this recording is composed by Mr. Kirkwood.

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On this album Neal Kirkwood is joined by Tim Harrison on flute and Ron Horton on flugelhorn, both master improvisors and sensitive interpreters of Kirkwood’s music. Arranged for trio, duo and solo piano, the music on this album explores the sonorities of these particular three instruments. Throughout, Kirkwood and his colleagues explore a path from tradition to innovation.

"Blue Inventions is a chamber jazz work, both impressionistic and occasionally abstract... The piano solo tracks conjure up many jazz piano stylists, from Ellington (“Jade Butterfly”) to Dave McKenna and Monk (both on “Evening Breeze”), with hints of Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett and McCoy Tyner along the way too. Blue Inventions impresses as an eminently listenable suite in chamber jazz and solo piano mode."
~ George Kanzler, the NYC Jazz Record  December 2018

July 2018, Present Eye Music

Engineered, edited, and mixed by Ryan Streber at Oktaven Audio in Mount Vernon, NY.


Track list

  1. Blue Sinfonia (feat. Tim Harrison & Ron Horton)
  2. The Sea (feat. Tim Harrison & Ron Horton)
  3. Redwood
  4. Autumn Left (feat. Tim Harrison)
  5. Evening Breeze
  6. Jade Butterfly
  7. Firefly
  8. Brief Intervals (feat. Tim Harrison)
  9. Eve's Garden (feat. Ron Horton)
  10. Chansonette
  11. Myth (feat. Tim Harrison, Ron Horton)
  12. Enchanted Realm
  13. Blue Invention